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MCTRA Trail Ride Minutes From Last Board Meeting

  • 08/07/2017: Minutes of the Open Forum Meeting from Tracy Crowder, Secretary

    Monday, August 7, 2017
    Board 2017-2019
    Director/Board/Officer Meeting
    VFW 4709, Conroe TX
    7:00 PM

    Present: Weldon Lewis, Shari Brent, Tracy Crowder, Chris Butorac, Mark Davenport, Boogie Fessmire, Bobby Hickingbottom, Cecil Sechelski, J B Stokes

    Members: Mary Alber, Charles Buckley, Darla Burke, Connie Byars, Daniel Emmanuel, Edd Farris, Geraldine Farris, James Harmon, Katheryn Kochersperger, Lisa Musgrove, Robyn O'quinn, Nancy Page, Jane Patterson, John Patterson, Cindy Staudenmaier, Connie Williams

    Absent Board Member: Dugan Puckett

    Call to order: 7:03 pm by Weldon Lewis.

    Prior meeting minutes: read by Weldon Lewis.
    Motion to accept minutes as read: Geraldine - first, and Boogie - second. All accept minutes as read.
    Treasury Report: Shari states that all four checks are accounted for that are blank on the Treasury report, that were issued were out to Dennis. What they were for: 1 for Circle 7, 1 for Navasota and 1 for Madison County Fair & 1 was given back to Chris unused. New balance of the check book is 9551.86.

    The Expense for the web site was discussed by Big D. Big D explained the cost for members not at last meeting. Geraldine asked about placing the entry form on the web for early registration. Tracy stated it would be harder to keep up with at this point, but once the web is up and the new members (me) are more comfortable with what she is doing (me) it could happen, to be discussed at a later date.

    1 blank check was given to Tracy for expenses incurred when doing mail outs. 1 blank check was given to Weldon for expense during the upcoming ride.

    Cost of the porta-potty expenses were explained to Papa John Patterson. What were the fixes on the porta-potties? Chris states all new axle, new tires, under carriage, back end-all fixed.
    Motion to accept Treasury Report as read: Lisa - first, and Mary - second. All accept as read.
    Old Business: Weldon discussed the New web site. Stated it was up and running, just waiting on info for "About Us" tab, and "Trail Ride Rules" tab.

    Cecil needs further explanation of web site costs. Big D states that so far he has about 4 hours involved. 4.5 at 65.00 per hr. = $292.50 (less 3 MCTRA trail rides plus the big ride =200.00) so far will owe 92.50.

    Per last meeting minutes: "Big D willing to do web work for us, ie, web page. Cost for web name for 5 yrs and 1st 2 yrs of hosting is around 175.00. Big D will trade his web services for he and Cindy to ride free at all MCTRA rides. If the total of those are not enough to cover what he is owed, he will charge a cut rate of 45.00 (usually 65.00) an hour." Big D asked if other rides that fall under MCTRA can also cover their ride costs for advertising their ride on MCTRA web. We cannot ask other rides to do anything as we do not have that kind of authority over them.

    New Business: There was more discussion about the cost from Big D. A running record would be kept of what it cost and what we owe him.

    The newsletter is discussed. Addresses need to be updated if you didn't get one.

    Weldon discussed the fact that Marshals and Scouts will be wearing vests and special button to distinguish them from other riders. This needs more discussion, as not all agree.

    Weldon passed out new waiver and signup forms. Stated all need to sign. Some suggested notary, but it was decided that for now that would not be necessary. But all waivers MUST have signatures from every rider.

    Old Bi-Laws were received from Lisa Musgrove. These need to be updated by next meeting of the Board and signed by appropriate folks. These will be available upon request to any member.

    Lisa brought a card for someone she knows that can furnish the Embroidery/jackets for new Officers/Directors. Tracy will get newsletter out and emails will be sent as to not leave out anyone in MCTRA.

    Blank checks given to Tracy and Weldon a couple of checks for use for any items needed for MCTRA.

    4th ride. Halloween Ride: Chris shares that we will be at Borskie's in Willis. He shared the route and have found the lunch break area. 16 miles. Low traffic- one mile on feeder. Shari was worried about Camels. He has tried to contact owners to see if they will be put up. There were zebras. Borskie's will pay $300-500 for a band. Chris is looking for the bands. Permission has been given to park at bar. Several bands mentioned for a try.

    Boogie made Motion to have a Halloween ride Oct. 27-29 - at Borskie's with prizes (best dressed wagon and best dressed horse and best dressed rider) and band as decided by Chris. Connie - second. All voted: Motion passes.
    Christmas parade needs decision. Magnolia is having a 6:30pm - night ride. Connie attended the meeting held to discuss the parade being held at night. One board member said maybe the trail riders can find something else to do. The safety issues were discussed. They did offer to give police escort from staging to our camp. They offered camping area close to parade staging. Riders decided we do not want just a parade - we still want a ride. Plus horses would have to sit and do nothing-in the cold.

    Charlie is trying to find information on Quanta's (spelling) parade in Conroe, Dec 9th- 400 costs is not bad according to Lisa. No paid security. We would have access to the club at night. Cecil suggested Plantersville. Talk to city to get information. This is to be discussed later.
    Charles made a motion to NOT RIDE Magnolia NIGHT PARADE RIDE. Cecil - second. Voted - all said NO to night ride.

    Mary made a motion to call the Warm up ride the Kick-off Ride. Tracy - first, Jane - second. Voted - all said PASS to change name of Warm up ride to Kick Off Ride.
    Kick Off Ride ride will be held Jan 12th - 14th.

    Problem, at Madisonville the first spot on the ride. No access to top hill. With new rules in HLSR, we may have more folks, so our space may not be big enough. Back of building may be open, but might not be big enough. Shari suggests could park closer to each other. Keep access to our VFW for dance. Charlie/Weldon to talk to fairgrounds to see what it would take to park there.

    Size of ride to be controlled. As things get bigger. Drinking to be controlled. Do not turn away riders. Find places that fit us. Need to do what we do to see what happens.

    Big Ride: February 16th -24th. Places to camp to be discussed and decided after more info is given. Order of wagons to go to numbers. And seniority for ones not previously on ride.

    Sign up for ride to possibly be put on WEB. But legal waiver must be signed on the ride. Possible put paid on web. we are a small board, would be too hard to keep up with at this point. Lisa volunteered to help at sign up. THANK YOU!

    Tracy to send newsletter out with a form for pre-registration requiring check attached.

    "Muah" a company owned by a friend of Lisa that has company for embroidery for Jackets and all. Will look into that. We have the artwork... Rather, Dennis used a company to get artwork.

    Shari thanked everyone for their input.

    Next Meeting: Monday; Sept. 11th; VFW 4709, Conroe TX; 7:00PM.
    • Main topic of discussion: The Halloween weekend ride.

    Next OPEN FORUM meeting: Nov. 6th, 7:00PM VFW 4709, Conroe TX; 7:00PM.
    • Main topic of discussion: The Christmas Ride. And what was good and bad about the Halloween ride.


    Motion to adjourn: 9:15 pm, Rooster - first, Lisa - second.

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